Surveying and Building Measurement Services

Georak Oy Ltd.

Reliable Measurements

GPS - TotalStation - 3D rendering.


A wide range of knowledge within the measurement branch has been a solid base for our work. Our services provide for various types of construction and civil engineering measurements, quantity and surface mappings, diacritic measurements as well as associated 3D renderings and scope calculating work.

Ground measurement
  • Ground measurement 
  • Mapping
  • Terrain mapping
  • Ground models
  • Terrain measurements
  • Border lines
GPS Measurement
  • GPS Satellite
  • Vrs network measurement
  • GPS location
  • Mapping measurements
  • Referential points
Civil engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Building civil engineering
  • Industrial measurements
  • Real estate measurements
  • Pile measurements
  • Diacritic measurements
Land civil engineering
  • Land civil engineering
  • Road, bridge and street civil engineering
  • Well and sewer measurements
  • Cable and power network mappings
Tunnel measurement
  • Tunnel and well measurements
3D rendering
  • 3D rendering
  • Diacritic construction precisions
  • Diacritic measurement
Amount calculations
  • Mass calculation
  • Surface measurement
  • Quantity calculations
  • Mining measurements